Artisan & Ethically Hand-Crafted Hats, Jewelry, Bags, & Accessories


Sol Authentica celebrates the beauty that comes from being our own source of light. Through it, we find acceptance and live authentically — shining bright for both ourselves and the world. May Sol Authentica’s accessories serve as a reminder of this innate strength that you possess and help you honor your light each and every day.

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Woman wearing a Sol Authentica hat with a mug and book

I am the source of light that illuminates my path. I am the wayfinder in my journey home. I am the sol.

Sustainable materials

We are intentional in everything we do and that starts with the eco-friendly and sustainable materials we select for our products including: 100% organic cotton, leather dead stock and up-cycled textiles. 

Ethically made products

We believe in crafting hats and jewelry as ethically as possible. We ensure fair wages for our artisans while continually seeking out ways to lessen the environmental impact we have in our business.

Empowering women globally

We’re on a mission to empower women — both our beautiful artisans and the women who wear our mindfully crafted pieces — to live authentically and shine their sol each and every day.

our guiding lights

proudly women led

It’s simple: for women, by women every single day.

globally inspired

Unique products that embody the natural beauty of our Earth.

sustainably sourced

We hand-select materials that respect our environment and resources.

honoring mental health

Supporting organizations that help others find their light.

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