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Sol Authentica’s story is your story. We create beautifully crafted accessories to reflect the unique light you shine on this world while honoring the planet and its people through sustainable, ethical practices.

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ethical artistry

Beautiful artisans create each of our pieces with love and care, and we’re deeply committed to reciprocating this love back to them through ethical business practices. Today, we support more than 20 individuals through fair wages, but that’s just the beginning. Sol’s long-term vision is to create a true cycle of empowerment and economic growth for the communities and artisans we support — a mission you’re a part of with every purchase from Sol Authentica.


Sol Authentica’s hats are intentionally crafted to align with the four elements of the universe. Whether you live in a city, near the mountains, at the beach or in the desert, our hats offer the perfect balance of protection from the sun and connection to your element.


I found my light in the darkest of places. I moved from the mountains to the city, from the beach to the desert, each time hoping that a new place would create the change I desperately longed for. Yet the outcome was always the same, and anxiety and depression found me wherever I was. 

After years of unsuccessful treatment, I began a journey of self-spiritualization — and something amazing resulted. I found that the real key to my happiness was always within my reach. It was me. I began to live with an authentic and true love for myself and found a source of light unlike anything I had ever experienced. It’s what I call my sol. Sol is a type of light that only you can create for yourself. It’s the most radiant light of acceptance and love you’ll ever experience. 

Please hear this, friend: the world needs YOU just as you are. Let your sol shine.

In love and light,

products with purpose

Our products are more than just hats. Each piece is intentionally crafted to remind us of the truth we must seek, the courage we must carry and the ongoing hope we must honor in ourselves. With each purchase, Sol Authentica gives one percent to mental health organizations to ensure everyone can discover their light.