Each hat and accessory item is handcrafted to honor your beauty and light. To keep your products in great condition, we recommend the following:


The materials used to create our hats and the construction itself make our hats very versatile and resistant. The only real threat is water exposure, which can cause wrinkles and misshaping. If your hat gets a wrinkle or misshapen, we recommend the following tips: 


For the crown, use your hand and a clean, dry cloth to hold the crown from inside and press the imperfection out. Then with your other hand and another cloth, iron the crown from the outside. Repeat this process as necessary, always being careful that the straw does not overheat and burn.


*If not detachable/leather: The headband is often the most delicate element and the most prone to wrinkle. To fix this, there are two options: 1) you can remove the three simple stitches that attach the band to the hat and iron it on a flat surface before reattaching, or 2) you can leave the band on and gently and carefully iron it against the hat. A small amount of water (not enough to saturate the band and/or seep into the straw of the hat itself) can help this process if the band is severely wrinkled.


We recommend removing your jewelry before getting into the shower or sauna and refrain from submerging your jewelry in water as the pieces will be more prone to tarnish.

To clean your jewelry, we recommend using a polishing cloth (be sure to check out our sunshine polishing cloths!) to wipe away any dust or dirt that accumulates after wearing and clean with soap and water regularly to keep your jewelry looking amazing.


Our handmade naturally dyed market totes are easy to care for. Simply toss them in the washing machine and lay flat to dry. If you need to spot clean use a gentle detergent and dab the stain, do not rub. To store your amazing tote, fold it in half long ways and roll up. 

Leather Bags and Fabric Care

We pride ourselves on making the effort to offer our customers the best handcrafted products.  The processes to make the bags are done by hand, from curing, cutting, and treating the leather. Each bag has  natural characteristics and qualities that should not be considered as flaws because they do not interfere with the functionality of the bag. Should you choose to, you may use a leather conditioner on the bags, however we advise doing a test spot on the leather prior to applying a conditioner treatment to the entire bag. Most  of our  customers prefer to let the natural oils of their skin wear on the leather in order to get that buttery, soft feel that our customers love so much.

Since we upcycle one of a kind embroidered Mayan clothing,  at times you will find snags in the pattern in our Huipil bags. This is normal and should this happen, snip the thread with scissors. Do not pull on them.  If you’d like, you can use a  Scotchgard Brand Protector on any of the fabrics.