We strive to love and honor our planet in every choice we make — and that starts with the materials we carefully source for each of our products. All of our handcrafted pieces are 100% sustainable, which helps us ensure that the only impact we make on Earth is a positive one. Read more about the eco-friendly materials we use within our pieces below.


Our straw hats are meticulously crafted using sustainably harvested toquilla straw — a beautiful, durable and biodegradable fiber found within Ecuadorian palm trees. Skilled artisans dedicate over 10 hours(!) to weave each hat using a technique passed down from generation to generation.


Our felt hats are made using water-repellent Andean sheep’s wool — a unique material sourced from a small community of farmers in the Andes Mountains. This wool is carefully treated and colored using eco-friendly products and dyes to extend each hat’s longevity and durability.


Our jewelry is created in the U.S. by a small group of artisans that strive to minimize waste and honor the planet through the use of recycled metals, including bronze and 925 sterling silver, and ethically sourced stones and crystals.


We ship our products with packaging sourced from noissue which sources their materials that fit one of the following categories: compostable, recycled, and reusable. You can learn more about noissue's mission here