meet the artisans

Our one-of-a-kind pieces are true works of art created by talented artisans throughout Central and South America. Ecuadorian artisans mindfully construct each Panama hat while women in Guatemala weave unparalleled textiles. Not only does each artisan inspire us, but they also remind us of Sol Authentica’s mission - empowering women to lead beautifully authentic lives each and every day.

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our hat artisans

Artisans from Ecuador and Guatemala craft Sol Authentica’s straw and felt hats using time-honored artistry techniques that have been inherited from previous generations. Our skilled artisans pride themselves on their craftsmanship, ensuring the highest level of quality and care within each hat.

our Guatemalan artisans

Sol works directly with women's cooperatives in communities including Sololá, Quetzaltenango and Santo Domingo Xenacoj. Sol Authentica’s accessories are handcrafted in small batches using purely natural elements to create an entirely eco-friendly collection.

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Raina and Ana, a mother daughter duo with smiles as warm as their hearts. Raina started her business 19 years ago as a small stand on the side of the road. Shortly after she built her stand, her lovely daughter, Ana, was born. As a team they have been able to expand their stand and together create and sell meaningful pieces. 


Manuela, our skilled artisan, creates our collection of Guatemalan palm hats. Each hat is meticulously handmade using palm fronds sourced from the banks of the Chixoy River. She mastered the art of hat making by watching her father and brothers build a business that she now proudly runs.  Her exceptional attention to detail is shown in the style and durability of her creations. 


Zoila and Julian have a quaint home workshop and storefront in a small marketplace in Panajachel. Julian produces our leather bags only using high quality materials and genuine leather. His wife, Zoila, curates a collection of huipils and embroidered fabrics, complimenting each one of our leather goods and using her sewing skills to create our custom organizers. They are dedicated to preserving their authentic indigenous culture while only using upcycled fabrics to cut down on waste, creating a one of a kind, sustainable piece. 


Norma is an indigenous Maya kaqchikel-speaking woman from Santo Domingo Xenacoj, Guatemala. She is the founder of Textiles Naköj, a co-op of women who create handmade woven products that reflect their Mayan history and culture. Textiles Naköj was born from a dream to share and preserve the artistry and beauty of Mayan culture through their ancient art of weaving. As industrial manufacturing threatens these treasured traditional arts, Norma's mission is to give these Mayan women dignified work and income to support their families is more important than ever. We believe this is important as well.