Ocean Blue Kimono


This gorgeous kimono was made by a small group of artisans off the shores of Lake Atitlan. By  using  their old traditions of dying and weaving; these pieces are colored using all natural dyes derived from local plants and minerals, like indigo, turmeric, rosemary, purple basil and chimney ash. The women have learned how dying during the full and new moons can effect the intensity of the colors as well as the effects of when the plants are harvested. 

**The soft mixed fibers make this lovely kimono have an extremely comfy and lightweight fit. Perfect to enjoy your walk into the city or your day at the beach.

  • One size fits all 
  • The unique textiles pattern is created by using a traditional technique of tying and dying the threads called ikat or jaspe and weaving the fabric on a back strap loom
  • Length: 30 inches / Width: 28" 
  • Care: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry

Since our kimonos are hand-dyed and handmade, each kimono is one of a kind and may differ slightly to the images shown making it as unique as you.

Mental Health Support 
Our products are more than just hats.  With each purchase, Sol Authentica gives 1%  to mental health organizations to ensure everyone can discover their light.

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