Embracing Mercury Retrograde

As we approach April, a month often synonymous with the infamous Mercury retrograde, I find myself in a peculiar state of anticipation. Yes, you read that right—I'm actually looking forward to it. Now, before you start wondering if I've lost my marbles, let me explain.

For those who might not be familiar, Mercury retrograde is a cosmic phenomenon where the planet Mercury appears to move backward in its orbit. Astrologically speaking, it's believed to influence communication, technology, travel, and decision-making in rather chaotic ways. Cue the collective groans and cries of impending doom.

But this year, and particularly this April, I've decided to flip the script. Instead of dreading the inevitable disruptions, I'm embracing them as an opportunity for much-needed self-care and reflection. You see, I've been running on fumes lately, barely keeping up with the whirlwind of responsibilities that life throws our way. I use to have a cortado coffee every day with half a packet of raw sugar at exactly 2 PM. It was my treat, my mid day pick me up, my luscious moment of pure divinity. I relished that quiet moment, just me and my faithful cortado.  Well, it's high time I hit the pause button and go back to that ritual.

Sure, I could chalk it up to " 'tis the season" and soldier on, but where's the joy in that? Instead, I'm granting myself permission to slow down, to prioritize my well-being over my never-ending to-do list. Because come summer, when the desert quiets down and life takes on a more languid pace, I want to be ready to fully savor those precious moments of respite.

So, what's my game plan for navigating Mercury retrograde with grace and ease? It's simple, really. I'm keeping my calendar blissfully light, giving myself ample breathing room to weather any cosmic storms that come my way. When stress rears its ugly head, I'll take a beat before responding, knowing that clarity often comes with a little distance. Most importantly, I will return to the ritual of my daily cortado coffee. 

I'll swap out the frantic soundtrack of my daily commute for soothing melodies that calm my frazzled nerves. And I'll make time each morning for a few moments of quiet meditation, grounding myself in the present moment before the day sweeps me up in its whirlwind. 

Above all, I'll remind myself that not everything is within my control—and that's okay. Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs when we least expect it, but it's how we choose to respond that ultimately defines our experience.

So, here's to embracing the chaos, to finding beauty in the unexpected twists and turns of life. May your April be a moment for you to sit back, watch the world unfold, and remember that the days may be long, but the years are short. Let's commemorate the moments.

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